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About us is more of a mission organization than it is a publishing house. It was initially established as a place of dialogue and an effort aimed at raising awareness of the traditional values, as expressed in the monotheistic religions of the world. Our principal job today is educating through teaching and publishing worthy materials, which benefit the world with wisdom, depth, breadth and integrity.
We are of the conviction that the world is a space for the dialogue of values, a dialogue of inquiry. The stereotypes, the prejudices, the loathings that lead to enmities and “religious wars” arise all too often from dull ignorance and from an unwillingness to view religion in the light of progress made in general human morality. We are, therefore, dedicated to peacemaking and supporting initiatives that promote peace and mutual understanding between differing communities. is keen to support research on what could be termed the political science of religion. We are deeply interested in the traditional Armenian culture as well as other cultures, primarily of the Near East. A key interest of ours is Christian communities forcibly converted to other religions. Voicing the suffering of these communities, along with the other faith communities, is of high-priority within our activities.
We at foster the publication and dissemination of appropriate literature; arrange assorted conferences and seminars; participate in educational and cultural activities; we also arrange intelligent, specialist tours to various countries.
Although our website is in Russian, our team is able to speak a good dozen of languages. If you wish to contact us, you may do so in your own language and we will try to understand you.
Our books may be viewed here:
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We may be contacted through our contact form.

Thank you for your interest in our work!

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